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MOPS Kids is a very special program designed for your children, and we are pleased to have the privilege of caring for them. Your children will be actively involved in MOPS Kids from 9:15 - 11:30 during the Tuesday morning meetings. We want to give you a chance to have uninterrupted girl-time while your children are being safely cared for. Our MOPS Kids Coordinator, Vanessa Keenan, works diligently throughout the year to secure our wonderful volunteer workers for all the rooms.


Kent MOPS operates as a co-op for our MOPS Kids program. Each table is assigned to volunteer up to two times during the year in the MOPS Kids program. When you are volunteering you will not serve as the primary teacher for each class, but as support to our regular teachers.


You can be sure your kids will have a fun and educational time while they are in MOPS Kids. Our curriculum this year will teach valuable Bible lessons by integrating the newly updated program from MOPS Intl & AWANA, called Puggles. We are super excited to have this structured curriculum for the volunteers and kiddos to enjoy. Children also will enjoy crafts, games, and other fun activities! We want your child to have a positive experience in the MOPS Kids program. Your child’s health and safety is important to us. Please, help us by following and abiding by the MOPS Kids Guidelines.

MOPS Kids Guidelines

All babies must be at least 6-months old before you bring them to MOPS Kids. Children 6 months and older MAY be in a MOPS Kids class BUT if you are still nursing you're welcome to have your babe in arms until they turn one. Upon registering you will fill out information about your children and you will receive an 'orange card' which is provided and required by Faith Church.


  • Illness
    Please DO NOT bring your child if they have had a fever, contagious cough, green runny nose, diarrhea or vomiting, unexplained rashes, or any other potentially contagious illness within the last 24-hours. To ensure a safe and healthy environment, our workers reserve the right to refuse a child if they feel he/she is ill. If your child becomes ill while in our care, you will be notified. Sick children are NOT ALLOWED to attend MOPS/MOMSnext meetings with you.

  • Check IN/OUT
    Your child’s security is the utmost importance to us, therefore we require each mom to sign in. You will not be able to pick up your child without your orange card.

  • Labeling  
    Please label any items that are brought with first and last name (diaper bag, blanket, snacks, bottle, sippy cups, etc.). Please do not bring any toys from home. 

  • Pacifiers 
    Secure your child’s pacifier to your child’s shirt. This will help keep germs from spreading and pacifiers from being shared.            

  • Snacks
    The nursery provides a light snack (Cheerios for our youngest children and Goldfish Crackers for toddlers and older). Please make sure your child has eaten breakfast before being checked in for childcare. For the safety of the other children attending, Non-MOPS Kids snacks/meals should be consumed outside the classroom.

  • Allergies
    PLEASE let us know if your child has any allergies. A Faith Church ban is in effect regarding all peanut products. Please don't bring any peanut containing products to the Faith Campus.

  • Check-out 
    Please have your orange card ready and pick your child up promptly at 11:30 am.

  • Medications 
    Childcare workers cannot administer medications of any kind. If a child must have medication, you must keep and administer it when needed.

  • Classroom Management/Discipline and Behavior
    The MOPS Kids workers have been instructed to handle disciplinary situations as follows. If there is a behavioral incident involving your child you will receive a behavior report so we can work together to correct the issues.


Children under 2 years of age will be lovingly issued a warning to stop the inappropriate behavior. If the behavior continues, they will be asked to sit in a chair for a brief timeout prior to re-entering class activity.  


Children over 2 years of age will also receive gentle reminders for mild incidents, however, should the child be responsible for injuring another child (biting, hitting, kicking) they will be immediately asked to sit in a chair for a brief time out and  to apologize to the injured child.  MOPS Kids workers will also write a behavior report, and will discuss it with you. If your child has more than three behavior incidents, you may have to find alternative care for your child during MOPS.

  • Potty Training
    For children being potty trained, please consider putting them in pull-ups for MOPS mornings. Please notify the MOPS Kids counter of your child's schedule and the classroom workers will do their best to assist. Please recognize, it is difficult for the MOPS Kids workers to take children on frequent potty breaks while watching others. It may be wise to consider packing a change of clothes with your child until they are fully potty trained.

class age groups:

(Because children mature at different rates, we do our best to put your child in the class that best suits him/her.)


  • 6-11 months

  • 12-17 months

  • 18-23 months

  • 2 years

  • 3 years

  • 4 years through kindergarten



We require that all moms serve in MOPS Kids as extra help at least twice a year. This is done by table so moms can serve together. If you miss a meeting when your table is up for volunteering, you will be asked to serve upon the next meeting date.

Volunteering with Childrenjpg
Become a MOPS Kids Volunteer!

MOPS Kids volunteers are dedicated to serving children and their moms in our program. If you have a love for children & a desire to help moms grow, we'd love to have you help in our MOPS Kids program.

We are looking for volunteers to help every 2nd and 4th Tuesday morning, September through May. Even if you might not be available for every MOPS meeting, but would still like to help, please let us know as we'd love to have you!

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